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Wearable-enabled support for people with cognitive disabilities

Intervene when you need to and improve outcomes for the people you support


Reduces the use
of intrusive measures



Improves quality
of life

Trusted by 35+ Care Organizations and Covered by Passport

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"I genuinely believe this has changed the lives of the people that have been using it."

Kayla Wratschko
Behavior Analyst


"It has helped us provide better care, kept staff safe and improved the quality of life of the people using it."

Adriana McVicker

Manager, Concious Care and Support

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"Because of the watch, we've been able to build a relationship that is consistently growing."


Direct Support Professional

Not sure how to get started?

We offer small, flexible pilots so you can see the impact for yourself.

A data toolkit for your whole team
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Personalized Measurement

A smartwatch for the people you support is equipped with a clinically validated algorithm to capture a personalized baseline and report real-time changes in stress and strong emotions.

Computer screen with scatter plot graph

Objective Data

A dashboard that enables you to see aggregated arousal data in both time series and scatterplot graphs. With this tool, you can observe patterns and trends in arousal and inform support plans with confidence.

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Real-time Notifications

A mobile app that sends notifications during the early stages of an increase in arousal. So you can intervene to help regulate emotions before they escalate.

Covered by Passport Funding - Ontario, Canada

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