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What does it measure?

Using a smartwatch, our technology measures physiological arousal in real time.

How do I get access to it?

We work with care organizations who use our technology to enhance the support they provide.

If you're part of a care organization and you'd like to offer our technology to the people you support, visit our page made just for you or reach out; we'd love to hear from you.

If you're an individual or family you can join our waitlist to get notified about opportunities to access the technology.

What devices support the mobile app?

Our mobile app runs on both iOS and Android  operating system.

Who is it for?

Our technology is built for adults with cognitive disabilities and the care teams that support them.

We partner with care organization who support adults with cognitive disabilities. These organizations implement our technology as an added part of their existing services.

Can I use this independently?

To support our users to achieve the best possible outcomes, our technology is designed to be used in collaboration with a care organization.

We currently have a waitlist for families and individuals to notify you about opportunities to access our technology.

How do all the pieces of the technology connect?

Data is sent from the smartwatch to the mobile app and web dashboard via Wi-Fi.

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