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For Care Organizations

Our technology helps organizations reduce the use of intrusive measures, improve quality of life and increase caregiver confidence.

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How Awake Labs Helps Us Enhance Support

It has helped us provide better care, kept staff safe and improved the quality of life of the people using it.

Adriana McVicker, Community Living Windsor

Manager, Concious Care and Support

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Personalized Measurement

People who are experiencing stress wear a smartwatch connected to a mobile device. Our technology uses a clinically validated algorithm that captures a personalized baseline measurement and reports real-time changes in stress and strong emotions.

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Our Dashboard allows care managers and clinicians to see aggregated arousal data in both time series and scatterplot graphs. With this tool, you can observe patterns and trends in arousal and inform support plans with confidence.

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Real-time Notifications

Our mobile app sends notifications to users during the early stages of an increase in arousal. So people or their caregivers can intervene to help regulate emotions before they escalate.

Top Tips for a Successful Start with Awake Labs

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We have seen staff become more confident and better at recognizing and responding to behaviours that indicate possible anxiety and increased risk for escalation.

Kayla Wratschko, Community Living Association South Simcoe

Behavioural Analyst