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Technology Community of Practice

Awake Labs hosts a Technology Community of Practice in partnership with Community Living Essex & Community Living North Bay

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Welcome to the
Technology Community of
Practice Session

Welcome to the Technology Community of Practice. We are a collective of like-minded professionals bound by a common commitment—to reshape person-centered support through the strategic application of technologies and innovations. Join us on a journey where innovation converges with independence, exploring the possibilities that technology brings into the realm of Developmental Services.

Why Join?

By becoming a part of our community, you will gain access to:

Connection and Learning

Engage with a supportive community, broaden your knowledge, and share valuable insights.

Real-Life Perspectives

Gain firsthand knowledge from those successfully integrating technology into care and support.

Best Practice Exchange

Access a wealth of insights, resources, and tips for effective technology utilization.

Q&A Opportunities

Receive expert answers to your tech-related questions.

Why You Will Love This?

This session is designed for a diverse audience, including dedicated Developmental Service professionals, caring parents and families, self-advocates and people receiving supports, and engaged community members. If you're passionate about leveraging technology to enhance care and support, this gathering is for you. Your unique perspective is a valuable contribution to our collective journey of transformation.


At the core of the Technology Community of Practice, we've set forth clear objectives:

  1. Forge Enduring Connections:

    • Cultivate meaningful relationships with like-minded peers who share your vision.

  2. Shape the Technology Blueprint:

    • Collaboratively chart the course for technology integration within our sector.

  3. Inspire Innovative Solutions:

    • Together, we'll creatively tackle common challenges, drawing inspiration from our vibrant community.

Our sessions are guided by the community, supported by Awake Labs. We wholeheartedly embrace all technologies and innovations relevant to our sector, fostering open dialogue and collaboration.


Ready to Join Us?

To ensure your participation in our upcoming meeting, we kindly invite you to complete the registration form. Your insights and presence are highly valued as we collectively shape the future of care through technology!

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